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top stories we are following for you on this wednesday august 14th, police on the scene of a homicide in san lorenzo. details on the investigation coming up in a live report. we're learning new details
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on a deadly cargo plane what officials are saying at this hour. a body has been identified, and the search has come to an end for a missing bay area woman. reaction from sandra coke's news. we are following a developing story out of san lorenzo where overnight a man was shot and killed. it happened on the 18- hundred block of robscott avenue. which is about a kron 4's will tran is at the scene with the latest on the case. will
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>>will: and james the search continues for the people killed this person around 1210 this morning. if the investigators are here. instead of scaling down there are any more investigators who are arriving there. the shot take place a few feet from where i am standing. we do know is a 33 year-old hispanic man. here is video from the scene. if this all happened at about 1210 in the morning. they don't believe he lives in this area. possibly visiting someone grief he was standing on the street when multiple shots were fired. he was only one who was shot. paramedics came out here it's a tried to rescue him and revive him but they were unable to do that so he died at the scene. no one inside the home surrounded this area were hit. in fact they don't think any of the homes were hit at all. at
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this point no description of the suspect or suspects. they are still talking to possible witnesses. i can tell you that they did bring can at least two people in this area. they are off- camera from my location here but detectives are talking to them. they don't believe they are eyewitnesses who actually saw the shots take place with the believe these gentlemen could know something that could lead them to the shooters. at this point they don't know if this man was targeted. >>james: >>darya:breaking news out of birmingham alabama. a u-p-s cargo jet has crashed while landing outside birmingham international airport. the pilot and the co-pilot have died. the flight was en route from louisville. an airport spokesperson says there are no homes in
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the immediate area of the crash. the f-a-a says the plane is an airbus "a-300" the crash has not affected airport operations. prosecutors are expected to urge a jury to find a former photographer guilty of murdering four women decades ago and dumping their bodies in rural areas.
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marin county prosecutors are scheduled to deliver closing arguments today in a two-month trial than can result in the death penalty if 79-year-old joseph naso is found guilty. the retired commercial photographer who lived in reno pleaded not guilty to murdering the four prostitutes in 1977, 1978, 1993 and 1994. naso is representing himself and is expected to deliver his own closing arguments on friday. a woman is dead after being hit by a tractor at san jose city college. it happened yesterday morning at a construction site on the school's campus. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. classes were not in session yesterday. school officials did not
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release the victim's identity. and would not say whether she was a student or an employee. cal-osha is handling the investigation. the search for missing oakland woman sandra coke is officially over. the oakland police department now confirms it was *her body that searchers found near lagoon valley park in vacaville last week. sanda's sister tanya who led the search effort last week, has since flown back to new jersey. her mother is now dealing with the difficult news and says her daughter was a loving a caring person. those who knew sandra started paying their respect with flowers.
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coke's family say's sandra devoted her life to the less fortunate and those who endured difficult childhoods. the federal defenders office says sandra's work was on behalf of california's death row inmates. the person of interest in this case is her ex boyfriend and inmate randy alana, but police aren't answering any questions concerning him. they only say he was last seen with sandra the night she went missing, yet he is still behind bars on separate charges of parole violations. the 16-year-old san diego girl kidnapped by a close family friend, suspected of murdering her mother and brother says the man threatened to kill her if she tried to escape. hannah anderson went online two days after her rescue and started fielding through a social media site. she wrote about how her captor deserved to die, how she was kidnapped and how she is dealing with the deaths of her mother
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>>darya: a coalition of leaders will make the trip from the bay area to bakersfield today. more on their hopes for immigration reform. and, military forces are moving in on morsi supporters in egypt. the latest on the violent clashes that have left hundreds dead and thousands injured. plus, we're keeping an eye on weather and traffic. a full update of the forecast and commute when
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>>james: it's back-to-school time for a lot of kids and they usually means new clothes and school supplies. but j.c. penney who has been struggling to remake its image is under fire for a " back-to-school " television ad blitz take a look at it. the ad features a mom say her son's close could " make or break " him. the ad that shows the status sitting alone at one table. some parents say the spot promotes bullying and puts pressure on cash strapped parents to buy the latest close. the criticism comes
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after the company is already in turmoil. sales are down in the company is looking for a new ceo. j.c. penney announced the ad in question is on one part of its current tv campaign. the company says its ad was not intended to " trivialize or promote bullying. " the >>darya: american couples are not as infertile as it might seem. despite a boom in fertility treatments, a new government study shows the percentage of married couples having trouble conceiving has actually dropped slightly. about 6 percent of married women fail to get pregnant after at least a year of sex without contraception. that's down from less than 9% some three decades ago. the use of fertility treatments has doubled due to the increase of women trying to have children in their '30's and 40's, when fertility declines. we will return in just a moment.
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okay, a,, or b?r or a.. that'sat a goo gd choich.. let me sho sw you yosome fmect withwihe lheest esylesylnd guarguteedteow powces,ce you yocan tun rn the tath atu into the t bath atu wau .. good cho cice.e. more sav sing.g. more doi dng.. thrighrit now,no thishir coova ovnityniomboomp is a spe scial bal. ju. $19$ welcome back. now to get an update with weather and traffic. good morning george brett >>george: and motorcycle accident occurred of asko roadblock in the two left- hand lane spread the good
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news has already been cleared but the bad news is it is still out there and it is slowing the ride on 580 in the westbound direction. take a look at the back of which reaches before to 05. the westbound drive time up about 42 minutes right now to get. a slower than usual ride for interstate 580 this morning. looking at the bay bridge is still an easy commute. if the meter and might announce the activated. your trip to the san mateo bridge, a little heavier now but still eight smoke commute for it was it over to the weather center right now here is erica. >>erica: we are looking at the temperatures in little bit warmer than just 24
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hours ago. we are starting your wednesday off with some '60s and concord. temperatures has recently dropped an to the opera's pretty good news is cloud cover not as extensive. a few scattered clouds. 12:00, you will notice a lot of that cloud cover 30-year afternoon highs in the south bay, sunnyvale 86 degrees. as we had to the east bay picking up some of the warmest sides with pittsburgh and 95. same goes for antioch. richmond today
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temperatures are actually where we should be for this time of year. if not a little bit warmer. we do have a couple of districts heading back to school today. some actually won back yesterday. east side union and san jose we are talking clear and cool conditions. to make sure that kids grabbed a jacket before you head off. upper '70's as we head into the afternoon. it will be a little bit more mild and san mateo. taking a look antioch was going back to school today. already in the '60s. temperatures climb into mid- 90s as the kids get out the door. as we take a look at your extended forecast, the 7 day around the bay just get comfortable with that pattern of morning fog and afternoon sun. >>darya:the bay area toll authority will hold a public meeting tomorrow to announce a possible opening date for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the temporary fix for the 32-broken bolts is good enough to open the bridge before other repairs are
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finished. it is now up to transportation authorities to review the federal government's decision. bridge officials are saying, even if the temporary fix is approved, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before the new span opens. >>: prep in the roadway but again there are other factors that are being taken into consideration for how much time does the public need. how soon could the transition to be ready. >>darya:cal-trans says it will need a full closure for four- days of the existing bridge to transition traffic from the old span to the new one. >>james:a hostage situation in rural louisiana lasts nearly twelve hours before police were forced to end it. two hostages were shot as police stormed a bank in northeastern louisiana. they had set a midnight deadline after they say negotiations were no longer possible. authorities say the suspect, 20-year-old fuaed abdo ahmed, never intended
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to rob the bank -- rather, he was trying to make a statement. one hostage was released last night, but hours later, ahmed shot two of them. one of the hostages died. police shot and killed ahmed. a bus driver is speaking out after being shot by a passenger in seattle. 64-year-old deloy dupuis says he feels good to be alive. this is just a day after he was shot in the cheek and arm. here's video of the scene. police chased and fatally shot the gunman after he ran onto another bus. police say the gunfire began after dupuis asked three people to pay the bus fare. two of the passengers paid, and the third shot the driver twice before running away.
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>>james:a u-s -based rail company whose runaway oil train caused a fire and explosion that killed 47 people in a quebec town has lost its operating license. canada's transportation agency announced yesterday it is suspending the certificate of fitness for the montreal, maine and atlantic railway. the agency said it is not satisfied that the company has demonstrated its third- party liability insurance is adequate for ongoing operations. the parked train, with 72 tankers full of crude oil, was unattended when it began rolling and derailed on july sixth.
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new york city comptroller is calling for a historic change to the city's marijuana laws. john liu is proposing legalizing medicinal marijuana and allowing adults to possess up to an ounce of pot. he also believes the sweeping change would pump more than 400-million- dollars into the city's coffers thanks to taxes and fees placed on drug sales. the mayoral candidate says the decriminalization of small amounts of pot would also be "socially just" for blacks and latinos, who make up the majority of people arrested for marijuana possession.
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>>darya: violent clashes are under way in egypt where military forces have been clearing to you can set up by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. you're looking at video of carol. --cairo. your security officials bulldozed tents fired tear gas and arrested demonstrators. the muslim brotherhood says more than 500 more seats supporters were killed and more than 9000 injured. but the government says three security force members and nine protesters were killed and 80 protesters were injured. >>james: and watching wall street this morning. it features traditional saw three indexes and the-after a positive end to the day
6:27 am
yesterday. technology company stocks turned up allowing gains. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow climbed 31. ending at 15,451. the nasdaq rose 14.3 and s&p 500 gained almost 5 points to end the day at 1694. we will be watching the stock market all morning long starting at 630 with the opening bell. >>darya:hyundai is recalling about 23,000 suvs because an axle can fail, causing the car to lose power. the recall affects 2013 santa fe sport models with front-wheel-drive and 2.4- liter, four-cylinder engines. they were built between july 11, 2012 through march 12 of this year. hyundai says the right axle shaft can fail in rare cases. if that happens, the suvs can lose power or roll away if parked on a slope.
6:28 am
the company says it's not aware of any crashes or injuries linked to the defect. owners are being notified by letter. dealers will replace the axle shaft free of charge samsung is facing a lawsuit from brazil's government because of poor working conditions.
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>>darya: 630 right now. we are following a developing story out of san lorenzo where overnight a man was shot and killed. it happened on the 18- hundred block of robscott avenue. which is about a mile away from 880. kron 4's will tran is at the scene with the latest on the case. >>: there are some evidence markers. we do know he was shot multiple times. it
6:31 am
happened at around 1210 in the morning. they do believe he was in front of a home. this city doesn't live on rob scott ave >>: >>: we don't have any indication that he was armed. >>will: we also learned that was shot earlier sometime last week but they don't believe this murder was connected in any way they don't believe this was
6:32 am
a retaliation for it they do believe they know what happened but they are now releasing whether or not this was a drive-by shooting or someone came up to the victim and shot him multiple times and then fled the scene. back to you darya print >>jacqueline: we have erica with a look at the forecast. >>erica: good morning. i want to start off with this live look from our roof camera. if this is a san francisco skyline but we are looking up to the clouds this morning some fog developing offshore. looks like a brief today actually could be the warmest of the week with temperatures climbing in the mid-90s. if we will see slightly cloudy conditions.
6:33 am
>>george: still hot spot even though the accident is not only out of the traffic lanes. a motorcycle accident in a block the two left land for nearly 30 minutes and that's the reason why traffic is still so backed up for it >>james: oakland police are still thousand dollars.
6:34 am
>>darya:all nippon airways and japan airlines are checking their boeing 787 fleets for wiring problems unrelated to battery defects that plagued the aircraft earlier this year. ana said the departure of a 787 plane was delayed over problem wiring for a system to put out engine fires. ana, which has 20 boeing 787 jets, said the flight from tokyo to frankfurt departed after the part was exchanged. ana found two similar problems while inspecting its other 787 dreamliners.
6:35 am
japan airlines says a 787 headed to helsinki returned nine other 787s are being checked. watching gas prices this morning. while prices still exceed four dollars-- they are slowly decreasing. kron four's jackie sissel is live from emeryville with >>: those refineries are back on line which is great news. i had a chance to talk to some people at the pump this morning about fact that the prices are going down .
6:36 am
let's take a look at the numbers according to aaa. san francisco $4 at 395.
6:37 am
home burglaries in san carlos have decreased dramatically in the past three months thanks to vigilant residents and newly formed neighborhood watch groups. from january to mid-april, 26 home burglaries were reported in san carlos. residents and local agencies reacted by calling community meetings and forming as many as five new neighborhood watch groups. from mid-april through july, home burglaries decreased more than
6:38 am
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>>anny:several bay area schools are changing their lunch programs following fears about the sometimes deadly reaction to peanuts. schools such as irvington high in fremont have taken peanuts off the menu. the fremont school district's service director says they've removed anything containing peanuts or peanut products from the cafeteria. sot elsie szeto/fremont unified school dist. the fremont school district wants to make sure none of its supplies contain any kind of nuts at all. they say peanut residue on someone's hands can be
6:42 am
easily be passed on to other students, and potentially cause a deadly allergic reaction. >>darya: coming up on a kron4 morning news financial expert rob black will be here to tell us news on wall street. and we will learn a of more how about weather and traffic when we return. we will talk about any hot spot to need to steer around and the weather.
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>>james: take a look at what st. the dow is now about 50.3 it joining us now is
6:46 am
rob black. let's start off with corporate clients. we did hear from macy's. not to bad this morning. >>: not a good report. lower-than-expected profit. the consumer is struggling again i hate to. missing numbers were bad, j.c. penney numbers are going to be bad. we hit a higher petrol tax this year. consumers being a little more frugal. although confident his upper, we will spend on big-ticket purchases. but at macy's
6:47 am
>>: tim cook is probablyhink davidn would do that. he's shaking up parks and gamble, urban life. he is a well-known activist who says you're not like the price of these.
6:48 am
he's made over a billion dollars going long enough. smart guy the scary dax print was interesting about him is that all his own money. he's not a hedge fund. he is a rich guy. >>james: we have got numbers yet but i know producer price index numbers are going to be coming out later on this morning parade do expect privilege like to see? >>: nothing. goldilocks. not too hot and not too cold. you know what inflation. you don't see a number that's too hot or no. that's too cold. with that said, over the long term you want to see just a little bit of inflation bridge minimum so
6:49 am
that more money they tend to hire. >>darya: >>erica: we are liking it more clout 3 here is the live look for our roof camry the san francisco skyline not start off with fog this morning. of clouds pushed in from the shoreline. scattered clouds for the san mateo county coast line up some of our east bay spot, these dividends are a little bit warmer. take a look and
6:50 am
about as santa rosa. chile start to correct some jackets. upper 40's and the north bay cree as we head into the afternoon we will see plenty of sunshine lot of kids getting back to school. we have some 90s for livermore pleasanton and inaccurate low 80s today for santa rosa. temperatures are exactly where they should be or a little bit warmer for this time of year. if you like the cloud cover, and the cool down looks like we will get it later on tonight. take look at your extended forecast of the 7 day around the bay for it will see more of the way of widespread fraud as we wrap up the work week. for the mile to warm weather as we head into the weekend and a subtle day to day changes
6:51 am
as we start the next work week. 650 of the time right now. good morning george st >>george: we are tracking and other problems on interstate 580 and the westbound direction. a new accident antitheft sfax pretty involving a semi truck through one of the vehicles is stacked on top of another at least wedged under need. that's the word we are hearing from the chp creek watching an accident also on highway 101 and the northbound direction at story road. that's where the traffic has already started to slow a little bit because of an accident at julien mckee thrift that was cleared out of the way when the second crash occurred likely is blocking a traffic light also treat chicken the bridges for you, first at the bay bridge ride print for the pri's most commutes here cahow pretty morning
6:52 am
here. so is the conditions on the upper deck. no delays in to the city. here for the san mateo bridge, it looks good. traffic on the right side of your screen. a little slower now a 30 minute drive time is normal print your commute to the golden gate bridge is still an easy one not only here but as well as through marin county from the county line to the waldorf great. >>darya: 652. a major narcotics bust ends with two suspects behind bars. and it all happened by chance. police responded to a burglary call at an apartment building on morning. a trail of blood that led them to an apartment on the police also seized more than one million dollars worth of ecstasy. that's 30-thousand pills. 30-thousand dollars worth of cash and computer
6:53 am
equipment were also seized. police believe the drugs outside lands music festival bars. and removes more than a million dollars worth of a popular club drug. off the street in a bay area city. charged in a 39 count >>james:oprah winfery is apologizing after a recent incident at a store in switzerland that set off a media frenzy. last week oprah said a store clerk in zurich refused to show her a handbag, saying she wouldn't be able to afford it. the bag sells for 38- thousand dollars. oprah called it an example of racism. once oprah shared the story
6:54 am
swiss tourism officials and the boutique's owner quickly apologized. now it's oprah, that's saying she's sorry and that it's not that big a deal. the store clerk says she never told oprah the purse was too expensive for her. the store's owner has said the whole thing is a misunderstanding.perhaps due to a language barrier. ext. 654 per it will be back with a lot more news weather and traffic coming up.
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female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news says 7:00 a.m.. j.c. penney is getting a lot
6:58 am
of flak for this back to school and. we will tell you why. >> plus in gary's world, that as miss a win. was there a bad call? also, something you can do in your own work out. >> we're watching all so they weather and traffic. those stories and more on the kron 4 morning news continues.
6:59 am
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>> top stories we are following for you on this wednesday august 14th, police on the scene of a homicide in san lorenzo. details on the investigation coming up in a live report. >> we're learning new details on a deadly cargo plane crash at an alabama airport. what officials are saying at this hour. >> and the search has come to an end for a missing bay area woman. reaction from sandra coke's family following the tragic news.

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